Sprott Shaw College



About Us

Sprott Shaw wants to show our students that we are dedicated to their educational goals and ultimately their transition back into the workforce. There is always room for celebration while growing and learning as a Sprott Shaw College Graduate...we are here to help!

- Our dedicated Employment Services Specialists assists our graduates with job placement assistance throughout their lifetime.
- Smaller class sizes ensure access to instructors and engagement in the daily lessons.
- We offer more than 90+ programs to accommodate your career goal.
- The option of lifetime refresher training and upgrading.
- Programs start on a monthly basis.
- Many programs have no waiting lists.
- Many of our programs only run different shifts throughout the day so you would have plenty of free time for work or spending time with family and friends.
- As a potential student, our Career Advisors can guide you with your program of study to assist you with gaining the skills to be employed in your career of choice.
- 13 Convenient campus locations across British Columbia with access to public transportation - find one that's close to you.
- We offer more than 90 programs to accommodate your career goal.