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About Us

AMC is Canada's national cell antenna lease advisor. We advise property owners and landlords that have cell sites, want cell sites or have been offered cell sites. We negotiate 4G, 5G, microsites and fiber access agreements.

All buildings have 5G potential. Microsite 5G antennas are deploying in cities across Canada every 100 meters at less than 10 meters in height,

Our goal is to maximize the value of real estate assets from stable, long term telco revenues.


This Nanaimo cell sites grosses over $6,000.000 annually
Nanaimo Cell Antenna Sites
5G installation - before & after - rent target $10,000
4G cell antennas on office building - rent target  $40,000
New 5G antenna microsite - rent target $10,000
apartment 4G cell site - rent target $20,000
apartment building 4G cell site  - rent target $35,000
cell antenna monopole  - rent target $90,000
5G lamppost installation  - rent target $15,000