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International Bug Zoos Inc.


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We specialize in entomology, beekeeping and general agriculture/business/ecoadventure consulting, offering the latest information to commercial entities, government agencies, and private individuals. Whether you're dealing with insects, spiders, or other invertebrates or have general questions, our team is here to assist you with identification and education needs so that YOU can make the best decisions that are right for you and your business/family. We have experience and knowledge that helps!

Our consulting services are available by donation with no obligation, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping you understand and manage your complex ideas, needs and or concerns. Also, available for general consulting related to business startups, eco-travel (specializing in jungle adventures) and agri-business.

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  • University of Guelph Entomology and Apiculture Specialist
  • International Beekeeping & Agriculture. Knowledge of Global agri-food industry.
  • Consulting Services
  • In-person or zoom
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