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At Ocean's Edge Orthodontics, Dr. F. Edward Murdoch and our team love creating beautiful, confident smiles. We focus on your unique situation, and develop a treatment approach that's right for your needs. Throughout your transformation, Dr. Murdoch will keep you updated on the progress you're making, and you'll be fully supported and encouraged.

Ours is an office where you are our priority. We want you to enjoy every step of your smile journey, and will do everything in our power to ensure you're smiling at every visit. We're all committed to getting to know you on a personal level: We want to learn about your life, family, and interests. We'll look forward to your visits as a time to hear your latest news and share the latest stories.

Dr. Murdoch uses leading-edge orthodontic processes, along with current technology, to create smiles. This ensures the most comfortable treatment experience and the most incredible, lasting smile for you.